Planning an iManage Upgrade or Uplift to iManage Cloud? – What You Need To Know

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Planning an iManage Upgrade or Uplift to iManage Cloud? – What You Need To Know

Are you planning an iManage upgrade or uplift of your existing iManage system from on-premises to the iManage Cloud?

Once the decision to migrate to the Cloud is made, it is important to have a qualified partner who can guide you through iManage best practices for implementing a successful iManage upgrade and uplift to the cloud. One of the keys to a successful migration is conducting a thorough data analysis and upgrade planning process. Ensuring that these phases are applied during the upgrade and uplift stages is an important step in the right direction to remove possible issues and anomalies such as:

    • Documents that no longer exist in the server even though they appear in iManage Work
    • Redundant file history eating up valuable storage space

Best Practices for your iManage Cloud Migration

The process of upgrading your iManage DMS or migrating the iManage Cloud can be greatly simplified and streamlined by engaging with a certified iManage partner. A licensed iManage partner can navigate the technical data available with ease while ensuring detailed planning that allows all stakeholders to become well informed about the various processes and steps.

Precision and dedication must be committed when performing a database clean-up before getting started with upgrading your on-premises system or uplifting it to the iManage Cloud. As running SQL Scripts to fix issues, post-upgrade is not an option due to direct access to the Database in iManage Cloud is restricted.

Paying attention to the migration analysis and planning at the beginning of the process can help deliver a successful migration and ensure that business operations are uninterrupted. Hence the importance of hiring a certified iManage Partner to manage and implement the Upgrade process.

Among the many necessary steps, there are two important phases that should be followed to ensure your iManage upgrade or iManage Uplift to the iManage Cloud goes smoothly. These are the data analysis and upgrade planning phases.

The Data Analysis Phase

First up, let’s discuss the data analysis phase, which involves performing a data health check to help us identify any orphaned files, missing metadata, and mismatched file size problems.

This phase also entails checking and repairing any discrepancies in the workspace structure to ensure:

    • All references are valid, and that there are no duplicate entries
    • Document metadata exists in the appropriate custom metadata
    • And that all email “To, CC, BCC, etc.” metadata is correctly populated

Next, MacroAgility checks for missing or orphan documents. If there are any values that could be determined as undefined or missing by the iManage Cloud, they must be fixed prior to the upgrade, or the related documents will error out during migration.

During this phase, you also get to decide if the previous document history should be purged during the upgrade or not. We then focus on locating broken shortcuts as well as folders and workspaces entries with no name and fix them.

The final step of this phase involves checking for invalid metadata for workspaces, documents, folders, and search folders, users, and groups. As zero-byte files cannot be stored on the iManage Cloud they must be removed, while orphaned files must be mapped to the appropriate destination.

Planning Your iManage Upgrade

Expert insights and highly experienced services professionals can help ensure that your iManage upgrade project is delivered successfully. Hence the importance of engaging MacroAgility Systems.

As a leading iManage partner, MacroAgility is perfectly positioned to handle your on-premises upgrade or migrating your system to the iManage Cloud, ensuring you enjoy a streamlined experience with minimal downtime. MacroAgility has you covered every step of the process, from the initial assessment to developing an upgrade roadmap, from project initiation to going live.

We understand how crucial the cleaning of your data is to a successful outcome. That’s why we make the cleaning of your data a top priority during the upgrade and planning phases. MacroAgility specializes in identifying and repairing any data issues during data analysis. Plus, we always run a performance test before taking you “live” to ensure your iManage upgrade or iManage uplift goes according to plan.

Choosing a Certified Partner, MacroAgility, for your iManage Upgrade

When you engage MacroAgility Systems to handle your iManage upgrade you get:

    • Ongoing project updates regarding every possible risk and complication,
    • An assurance that your data is 100% clean before the upgrade,
    • The benefit of our extensive years of knowledge and expertise,
    • A dedicated staging environment, so performance on your production servers is not impacted or interrupted,
    • Rigorous adherence to iManage best practices,
    • A repeatable, results-driven iManage upgrade process that works.
    • Round-the-clock customer support.

Following industry measures and steps is crucial when attempting an iManage upgrade or uplift, as mistaken steps in both the data analysis and upgrade planning phases could waste valuable time, resources and effort.

With MacroAgility Systems, you have complete peace-of-mind that the upgrade of your on-premises DMS or its migration to the iManage Cloud is optimized to unleash your firm’s full potential. So, contact MacroAgility Systems today to schedule your iManage DMS on-premises upgrade or migration to the iManage Cloud.

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