Consultancy Service Commitment

Our Commitment

MacroAgility’s reputation is founded on successfully and consistently aligning iManage artificial intelligence-enabled DMS with the individual requirements of each client. In every case we carefully assess clients needs, and develop and deliver a customized and enhanced iManage productivity and security suite optimized for that client.

Our firm specializes in iManage optimization, and identifying trouble areas that
shortchange your firm’s productivity potential. And we have accumulated the extensive experience necessary to deliver a workable solution fast, seamlessly integrate it into your operations profile, and come in on-budget.

Our consultancy team has accumulated the wealth of best-practice knowledge needed to properly anticipate project errors. We’ve developed efficient methods for avoiding the mission creep, configuration problems, and delays associated with insufficient project experience, and we bring in our projects on-budget.

There’s a reason why MacroAgility is a top-tier iManage partner. We do not leave our clients in the dark on status, and we deliver on-time and on-target, following through on our timelines with a consistent progression.

Consult with our team to discover how we can dramatically improve your iManage DMS performance and firm productivity profile.

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