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End of Life Notice: iManage DeskSite and FileSite (December 2023) – Action may be required

End of Life Notice: iManage DeskSite and FileSite (December 2023) – Action may be required iManage made an important announcement on September 8th, 2021, all 9.x version of iManage classic clients and add-ons will be retiring including: iManage DeskSite iManage FileSite iManage OffSite Email Management for Outlook and the Outlook Module iManage Express Search iManage …

7 Reasons to upgrade to WorkSite 9.x

Some of the major reason you should upgrade to WorkSite 9.x are the following:
WorkSite Anywhere: Allow you to connect to WorkSite server from anywhere by simply installing deskSite on any machine. Of course, you would need proper credentials

How is WorkSite Communication Server 9.x improved?

Performance, performance and performance.
9.x have a true load balancing. The biggest issue with 8.5 load balancing is that it distributes firm users evenly to the WCS cluster base servers. What this means is that, if the firm had 900 users and 3 WCS servers in the cluster, it would distribute 300 users to each server in the cluster.

How does Hybrid Security work in WorkSite 9.x?

In my post, “7 Reasons to Upgrade to WorkSite 9.x”, pertinent information regarding the Hybrid Security option was inadvertently omitted. In this post, I will elaborate on Hybrid Security. In addition, You should review the comment made by Sandy Milne on my post, “7 Reasons to Upgrade to WorkSite 9.x”, for further clarification on Hybrid Security

Why you need a document management system for your law firm?

What is a Document Management System (DMS)? 
A document management system is a software that is implemented by the law firms to help manage, organize, store, and track electronic documents.
Why is it important to have a Document Management System (DMS) in place? 

Join MacroAgility at the Legal Tech Trade Show 2016

Come see us at our Booth- No. 531
MacroAgility will be at the Legal Tech 2016 showcasing award winning iManage WorkSite Document Management System that allows you to manage all your documents and emails from anywhere.

The iManage DMS gives thousands of law firms, corporate legal, and financial firms an edge in the competitive contemporary landscape.

Whether your daily workload includes a need to collaborate remotely with team members or clients, quickly disseminate mission critical date, or urgently alter secure access parameters from a smart device, iManage can do it.