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Integration with a complex and comprehensive productivity suite comes with a staff learning curve. Ensuring that all members of staff are educated to a standardized baseline is very important for any firm that wants to realize the full potential of iManage DMS Work 10 quickly.

Your staff’s efficiency rests on familiarity and a high level of comfort with iManage in the unique usage context of your firm. MacroAgility’s Staff Training experts can get them there in the short term, improving productivity early in implementation.

MacroAgility’s Training
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Benefits of Training

Our firm specializes in the extensive training needed prior to and after launching iManage. Our materials have been designed for speed of learner comprehension, the rapid establishment of a firm-wide knowledge baseline, and reduction of the stress on corporate culture that accompanies implementation of a complex new system.

MacroAgility’s Staff Training experts have developed curriculum especially for this DMS platform. Our training materials have been refined through implementation experience, and now represent the most effective course toward iManage fluency extant.

Firms who invest in a course of iManage staff training see a far more rapid arrival at full system utilization, and frequently see a time-to-value reduction of 50%. Contact one of our consultants for a training analysis and recommendation about the best approach for your firm.

Benefits of Training

Training Roadmap

MacroAgility’s curriculum designs offer training in a diverse array of formats. The choice of which training format to use, or whether to mix formats, depends on your firm, its size, its culture, and its unique operational parameters.

We offer the following materials for training staff in iManage fluency, making their user experience comfortable, and facilitating their productivity:

  • Reference guides
  • Online-accessible audio recordings of training sessions
  • Interactive end-user training sessions onsite
  • Online-accessible video training modules
  • Interactive end-user training sessions online

Contact one of our consultants to discuss your level of staff IT familiarity, and which methods will work best for your firm.

iManage Support

Our Commitment

MacroAgility is deeply invested in the success of your firm’s iManage implementation. We firmly believe that adequate staff preparation and training is essential for a fluid transition to a DMS, and your firm’s ability to harvest all productivity enhancements from the system.

That’s why MacroAgility developed a DMS-specific training curriculum, one flexible and cost-effective enough to handle all contingencies for staff fluency in using iManage. Proper staff training will quickly move your firm toward maximum benefit when iManage DMS is up and running. We’ve made relevant staff training a suggested component of our service complex because we know what a dramatic difference it makes.

The MacroAgility team takes great pride in providing this expert guidance for your staff, giving them the knowledge needed to work on the iManage DMS platform for top efficiency, and quickly giving your firm a demonstrably favorable ROI.

Trusted By Many Professionals

Over 1 million professionals worldwide depend on the iManage Document Management System every day to efficiently process their legal documents and emails, and collaborate more fluidly. MacroAgility Systems has been a trusted advisor for many of these firms who have learned a new definition of efficiency using iManage DMS platform.

FMJ Testimonial

“I recently had the opportunity to work with MacroAgility on a critical project, migrating our on-prem iManage Filesite to the Cloud iManage. Throughout the project, MacroAgility consistently demonstrated a thorough and well-thought-out plan of attack for the migration. Their frequent communication regarding the process made us feel like we were a part of the process every step of the way. MacroAgility truly felt like a partner committed to the process and how it worked for our company individually. They ran efficient meetings to talk about progress and next steps while also being mindful of not wasting too much time. What I particularly liked about their approach was that everyone I worked with had a keen understanding of what they were dealing with. Any potential hiccups were acknowledged and resolved in a very timely manner. In summary, the experience was wonderful. The customer service was top-notch, the migration was well thought out and planned with great attention to detail. At our firm this project has been considered by many to be the smoothest software transition/migration they've experienced. I would absolutely recommend MacroAgility.”

Dan Ruzicka
IT & Facilities Manager / FMJ

Testimonial 9

“We first experienced MacroAgility's immediate help when we needed help with our DMS communication server after we migrated Microsoft Exchange to the cloud. A few months later, MacroAgility implemented iManage Share with our existing iManage Work DMS system. MacroAgitliy worked according to our schedule and completed the project in a timely fashion. We appreciate their assistance with our DMS technology needs, and we would recommend Macroagility to other firms.”

Steve Baer
Application Specialist at Pallet Valo LLP

Testimonial 8

“Due to ransomware attack, we took a paradigm shift to exchange and outlook online in the cloud. We thus faced the challenge of migrating the on-prem iManage to the cloud bearing in mind our unique environment. MacroAgility rose up to the occasion rendering prompt, efficient and exceptional services that saw to the successful and satisfactory restoration of services to a level much appreciated by the GN. We hope to be able to work with them on future initiatives.”

Roy Egbuna
Manager Informatics Projects at Government of Nunavut

Testimonial 7

"iManage was the right step to take for the Firm. Lawyers appreciate iManage functionalities and capabilities. iManage became even more important in the pandemic situation as it is hard to imagine managing legal cases not having iManage document management system in place. Working with the MacroAgility implementation team was an utmost professional and pleasurable experience. The MacroAgility systems team members, no doubt, are specialists at managing and organizing projects with delivering exceptional customer service. The Lawyers and Staff members were happy with the training provided by MacroAgility and found group and individual training sessions very educational and helpful. We will be looking to work with them again in the near future."

Lia Lomtadze-Dedina
Director of Business Operations at Filion Wakely LLP

Testimonial 5

"We were struggling with iManage integration with Gmail. MacroAgility were professional and patient and managed to resolve our issues and integrate our system. Super friendly, very professional and extremely competent"

Colin Short
Chief Information Officer at Adams&Adams

Testimonial 6

" We did not have the know-how to deploy iManage Work in-house. MacroAgility deployed a hosted instance of iManage Work for us. MacroAgility also provided training to our developer on the iManage SDK. Additionally, MacroAgiloity supported our deployment and answered our development questions. The deployment has gone well for several years. Macroagility is an iManage Work expert. It is a pleasure to work with them. They are very knowledgeable, use time productively and are very good communicators. We were fortunate to work with MacroAgility and recommend them heartily. "

Maureen Blando, PMP
President and COO at Mobile Helix

Testimonial 4

"Our technology services group excels in operational excellence and providing innovative solutions to our clients. MacroAgility was hired to work on a transformation project involving migration of our current DMS to iManage platform. MacroAgility’s expertise related to iManage experience, knowledge around various technical components and focus on client experience helped us tremendously."

Amit Bhagi
Director Enterprise Architecture at Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG)

Testimonial 2

"MacroAgility is proactive and tireless contributor who has in depth knowledge of WorkSite document management system and other iManage products. MacroAgility soft skills and a unique capacity for empathy has allowed them to motivate a team to care about its project. MacroAgility is always a go-to company for any WorkSite and development issues resolution and has demonstrated tremendous problem-solving skills."

Kim MacKay, PMP
National IT Project Manager at Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP

Testimonial 1

"MacroAgility provided extremely valuable technical skills on our iManage Document Management System (DMS) Email Management and Desksite firm-wide implementation and rollout. MacroAgility was a technical key success factor in this high impact rollout."

Lynda Chandika Neil, PMP, MoP, CSM
PMO Leader, Business Driven Delivery at McMillan LLP

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MacroAgility’s Training Services have been developed to provide your employees with a profound grasp of the iManage DMS, its extraordinary capabilities, and how to best employ what it has to offer for demonstrable results in the short term

Services We Provide

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On cloud, private cloud or on premises, for diversified, in-house server or hybrid service options

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Custom Development

MacroAgility customizes, delivers and evaluates based on the unique requirements of your firm by integrating other systems using SDK

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Fully integrate your iManage Email and Document Management System usage with Gmail, Lotus Notes and other popular business applications and platforms

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Full support services for iManage implementation, optimization and continuing relevance to your firm



Staff training options for baseline comprehension and firm-wide confidence in using the iManage DMS system

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Upgrade to iManage Work latest version to improve productivity through a suite of artificial intelligence-driven smart features, and leverage higher security and mobility

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Complete iManage Email and Document Management System productivity consulting for individual firms

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Cloud Migration

Seamlessly transition from on-premises DMS service to the iManage Cloud for better security oversight, access, scalability, and reliability

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