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iManage Cloud Features

  • Continual relevance across applications
  • Device-agnostic/mobile access
  • Uptime reliability of 99.985%
  • Automated updates
  • Zero infrastructure
  • iManage Share allows direct sharing through Work 10, secure link creation in Outlook, automated workspace generation, customized web portal, automated addition of collaborators, and full governance and knowledge auditing of documents and emails
  • iManage OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables quick searching across all work product by converting image files into text searchable files
  • iManage Threat Manager protects critical data from internal and external threat actors, detecting sophisticated attacks, identifying deviations and reducing detection time using adaptive behavioral modeling and machine learning, and mitigating threats with investigative and reporting solutions;
  • IM Control Center centralizes administration, reducing TCO while providing a more agile IT response for more efficient user and group management, document recovery, configuration and deployment management, metadata management, and folder and template design.
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