Solutions commitment

Our Commitment

As a leading iManage partner, MacroAgility is committed to implementing this powerful DMS in the most acute manner possible for all of our clients. Our team’s deep knowledge of best practices enables us to anticipate and avoid the common solutions problems that lead to delays, mission creep, and blown timelines.

The experts who make up the MacroAgility team of consultants are all seasoned professionals. Each of our team members has deep experience with iManage DMS integration, implementation, optimization and customization consulting.

MacroAgility is also the most cost-effective iManage partner solutions provider. We have made our name by empowering legal firms and financial firms to achieve their most productive form, and sustain it over the long term.

Contact one of our consultants to discover how iManage and MacroAgility can improve your law firm’s or financial firm’s efficiency profile, positioning you to grow and compete in ways you didn’t think possible.

iManage Service commitment