End of Life Notice: iManage DeskSite and FileSite (December 2023) – Action may be required

End of Life Notice: iManage DeskSite and FileSite (December 2023) – Action may be required

iManage made an important announcement on September 8th, 2021, all 9.x version of iManage classic clients and add-ons will be retiring including:

      • iManage DeskSite
      • iManage FileSite
      • iManage OffSite
      • Email Management for Outlook and the Outlook Module
      • iManage Express Search
      • iManage Miner
      • iManage DealBinder Add-On

iManage further stated in their announcement the factors included in the decision to retire the Classic Clients are as follows:

      • The majority of iManage customers have upgraded to Work 10. Work 10 has proven itself across a variety of deployment sizes, industries, and regions in the world.
      • A recent Forrester TEI study in corporate departments using iManage found those using Work 10 experienced an over 300% ROI thanks to attorney time savings. The study is available for download on imanage.com: Forrester TEI Study: Building a business case for modern document management.
      • All iManage Technology Partners have updated their integrations to support the Work 10 interface with the Universal API, which makes the integrations more secure, resilient over connections with high latency, and cloud-ready.
      • The latest iManage Work 10 desktop applications have been through rigorous security audits to ensure they comply with cloud and enterprise security standards. As iManage continues to introduce feature, security, and platform improvements, iManage will devote their efforts exclusively to the iManage Work 10 desktop applications.

Action Recommended by iManage

If you are a customer using any 9.x versions of the following classic client applications or add-ons, iManage recommends that you start planning a transition to iManage Work 10 based on the timelines published in the notice.

As of iManage’s notice, 9.x versions of iManage DeskSite, FileSite, and the classic client add-ons and modules listed above are in “Maintenance Mode”, which means no new enhancements, new platform support or features will be added to these products. Software fixes or patches will only be issued for Priority 1 (P1) and security or data corruption level issues as defined by iManage support policies.

End Of Support date: June 30, 2023

End Of Life date: December 29, 2023

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