7 Reasons to upgrade to WorkSite 9.x

major reason you should upgrade to WorkSite 9.x 
  1. Some of the major reason you should upgrade to WorkSite 9.x are the following:
    1. WorkSite Anywhere: Allow you to connect to WorkSite server from anywhere by simply installing deskSite on any machine. Of course, you would need proper credentials.
    2. Unicode Support: What this means is that you can view matter, folder, document etc in multiple languages.
    3. Encrypted Document Management: Enhancements to encrypt document management using HIPAA
    4. Hybrid Security Option: Based on
    5. Communication Server: New features are added and it is now much simpler to maintain it.
    6. WorkSite MFP Add-On: This feature allows specific Multi-Function Printer (MFPs) to act as intelligent terminals for WorkSite
    7. LinkSite: It gives ability to collaborate on WorkSite documents with external users outside of the WorkSite repository by uploading documents directory to HP flow CM( a cloud-based Content Management System) from WorkSite.MacroAgility Systems,Inc. (2015, October 30). iManage Products[Product Page]. Retrieved from