How is WorkSite Communication Server 9.x improved?

 WorkSite Communication Server 9.0 performance
  1. Performance, performance and performance.
  2. 9.x have a true load balancing. The biggest issue with 8.5 load balancing is that it distributes firm users evenly to the WCS cluster base servers. What this means is that, if the firm had 900 users and 3 WCS servers in the cluster, it would distribute 300 users to each server in the cluster. This implies that, if Mary were assigned to Server1 and it went down, she would be unable to file emails, even though Server2 and Server3 were up. This defect has been resolved in the WCS 9.x. Now, if a server is removed from a WCS cluster, it will process new filing jobs gracefully.
  3. Scripting: WSC 9.x supports scripting which can be used to change e-mail profile, security, as well as, raw EML file before importing to Worksite. This is very advantageous, if different departments desired to use their own email profile information, such as, type and class.
  4. With WCS 9.x, only one service is used to process ‘Send and File’, ‘File Email’ and ‘Synchronize Mapped Folders’.
  5. WCS 9.x offers support for Microsoft Exchange Online and Windows Server 2012 R2
  6. Folder profile will take precedence over default email profile.
  7. WCS 8.5 and WorkSite Server 8.5 can cause the WorkSite services to malfunction: For instance, if ‘Verbose Logging’ were turned on in the WorkSite 8.5 server, Communication Server 8.5 increases the traffic between WorkSite server and the database. As a result, WCS 8.5 writes numerous log entries in the SQL server, creating tremendously huge logs and causing the worksite service to slow down and eventually stop working. Consequently, users will first experience slowness in opening and closing documents from Filesite and eventually get errors. This issue has been resolved in WorkSite Server 9.x.
  8. WCSE now supports environments running different versions of Exchange concurrently. Exchange versions 2007, 2010, and 2013 are supported in mixed-mode”
  9. “Allows separate processing and filing of e-mails and mailbox synchronization
  10. “WCSE now includes the subfolders contained in the User’s Inbox when it performs a mailbox synchronization”
  11. “The new WCS Administration (Admin) utility provides administrators with the following features:
  1. View and filter a list of failed filing requests
  2. Re-submit or delete failed filing requests singly or in batches
  3. View linked folder statuses” by Deborah Garcia

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