How does Hybrid Security work in WorkSite 9.x?

How does Hybrid Security work ?

In my post, 7 Reasons to Upgrade to WorkSite 9.x, pertinent information regarding the Hybrid Security option was inadvertently omitted. In this post, I will elaborate on Hybrid Security. In addition, You should review the comment made by Sandy Milne on my post, “7 Reasons to Upgrade to WorkSite 9.x”, for further clarification on Hybrid Security.

Prior versions of WorkSite Server had two security models, Optimistic and Pessimistic. Now, allow me to explain Optimistic and Pessimistic security models. Let’s say Julie belongs to two groups, Group A and Group B. Group A has ‘Read/Write’ access and Group B has ‘No Access’.

In Optimistic model, the highest level will be granted to Julie and she will have ‘Read/Write’ access because of the Group A security. In Pessimistic model, the lowest level will be granted and she will have ‘No Access’ because of the Group B security.

hybrid imanage

WorkSite 9.0 Server introduced a third model called, Hybrid Security model. This model resolves the issue with the previous version of optimistic security model.

Here’s scenario with optimistic issue and Hybrid resolution: Henry belongs to Group C with ‘Full Access’ and Group D with ‘NO Access’. In the optimistic security model, Henry would be granted ‘Full Access’, which he should not have. Hybrid Security model solves this issue by giving Henry ‘No Access’. As long as ‘No Access’ exists, it will take precedence over any other access grant. Therefore, Hybrid Security will grant Henry ‘No Access’ instead of ‘Full Access’. Problem solved…

Bounce Question

If Mark belongs to Group E, with ‘Read/Write’ access and Group D, with ‘Read Access’, what access do you think Mark will be granted with Hybrid security?……….

Yes, you guessed correctly. Mark will be granted Read/Write access because Hybrid Security model is Optimistic by nature, except under the circumstance of ‘No Access’ and ‘Denied Access’.

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