Why you need a document management system for your law firm?

legal document management

What is a Document Management System (DMS)? 
A document management system is a software that is implemented by the law firms to help manage, organize, store, and track electronic documents.

Why is it important to have a Document Management System (DMS) in place? 
The need for a document management system in a firm is more important now than ever due to the whole range of electronics and regulations that are in place. A good DMS can provide securely share work spaces with granular permissions, version control, content encryption and response to the lawyer needs from anywhere, at any time, with secure mobile access to shared work spaces.

Next question is what type of DMS to use?  
There are many document management system. MacroAgility has been working with iManage work for over 11 years and confident that it is one of the leading document management systems for law firms. iManage work is being use by the 80% of the largest US law firms such as DLA Piper, Dentons, OSLER and many more.

MacroAgility experts work with your team to find a solution that best fits your law firm.  We empower small to large sized law firms to use the iManage document management system to it’s fullest by providing the innovative, integrated and cost effective solutions and professional services.

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